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what is guided imagery

Guided Imagery is a gentle but powerful technique that is used for all sorts of reasons. It is gentle in that it takes place within a relaxed, altered state of consciousness.  It is powerful due to the mind's ability to experience through imagery almost equal to that of actual, external events.  For example, close your eyes and imagine a bright yellow lemon sitting on a cutting board on your kitchen counter.  Now imagine cutting the lemon in half. Notice the exposed juice as it glistens on the pulp side of the fruit. Now pick up one half of the lemon and squeeze some of its juice into your mouth.  For most of us, this simple guided imagery will actually cause the mouth to water - just as if you were tasting the sourness of the lemon.  It is the power in imaginal process that inspires sports coaches to use it to prepare athletes for competitions -- and health practitioners to enable patients to boost their immune systems. Psychotherapists use it to help clients tap into an internal reservoir of intuition, creativity and compassionate wisdom, that may be unnoticed by the linear, rational part of the mind.  


Through the process of Guided Meditation, clients are able to experientially gain greater clarity about issues or relationships, see new possibilities and connect more deeply to unconscious parts of the self.

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