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my reflections on psychotherapy

Nancy Willbern

Psychotherapy is kind of like a treasure hunt.  We come in looking for a solution to a problem or a way to get unstuck or to move through or to be happier or to just not feel so afraid.  We think this upsetting thing we are dealing with is our problem.  More often than not what we believe to be our problem is not the real problem at all, but a symptom of something else that lies hidden underneath it.  


Psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery. It takes us to secret rooms in the psyche, ones that require deeper levels of personal responsibility, but if we stay open to the process, it can surprise us with an encounter with our true self -- one that turns out to be far wiser and far more loving than the one who came in with the original problem.

Nancy Willbern

Image Credit: Elena Rey from Dreamstime

From my own life experience and from my work with clients, I now trust that we are multidimensional creatures.  By that I mean that we, as humans are not limited to experiencing our world through the five senses or simply through what our minds can investigate.  There are hidden dimensions to the self that we can tap into that can help us access a wider and deeper dimension to our life circumstances than can be assumed on first appearances.  We might call this our deep intuition -- a reservoir of unconditional love and divine wisdom -- that lives inside of us but extends far beyond us.  As I work, I tap into that intuitive space inside myself and I encourage my clients to tap into theirs, as well. And, that's where the magic happens. 

Your wisdom will be clear only when you look into your heart... Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.    - Carl Jung

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