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Since Covid, I started doing all of my therapy sessions by phone.


A key component to the healing process is the connection.  


Connection has to do with a meeting of mind and heart, an atmosphere based on trust.


Amazingly, we don't have to be in the same room for this connection to occur.


It just naturally happens when two or more people are joined through a common intention.

Please note:


I have what is called an integrative practice which just means that I combine a lot of different techniques and theories together to help clients uncover their limiting beliefs. We do a lot of talking and listening. We might go back to childhood issues or interpret a dream or reframe a way of thinking.  We might talk about personality traits or better ways to communicate.  I often help clients get to know the different sub-personalities within the self, often called our "parts." But besides talk-therapy, I use another set of techniques that brings a deeper, experiential component to the work. Two examples are Somatic Therapy and Guided Imagery.


Experiential forms of therapy allow clients to actually feel in their bodies when they are living from a space of authenticity (the body feels calm and strong inside) or when they are living out of fear-based assumptions (the body feels tense or uncomfortable).  This brings a power to the work that can’t be found through talk-therapy alone.  


Inherent in my work is an appreciation of the mind/body/heart/ soul/spirit connection.  When these components are in alignment, we experience a deep sense of well-being.  My job is to help clients notice when they are out of that alignment and to learn new ways to bring themselves back into it.

When mind, body, spirit (and I would add - heart and soul) are in harmony, happiness is the natural result.    - Deepak Chopra

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