• nancy willbern

Last to Know

Updated: May 24, 2019

A friend posted this video on her facebook page today - cracked me up! (For full effect go to: www.facebook.com/VT/videos/312284469501422)

Isn't this big guy wonderful?! He's so clueless, so innocently cute, so blind to the reality of things. Made me think of so many life lessons - We think we're hiding when we really just look ridiculous - We think that something out there has obstructed our view, when we're the one who has pulled the straw over our eyes - We think we are seeing things clearly when really there is a lot of stuff in our way - We walk through life oblivious to the obvious, only to find out later how unconscious we were when we had no clue and then embarrassingly realizing we were the last to know - Or maybe it's just that we all unconsciously make a mess of things, but life has a way of sorting them out in the long run... The list could go on. I'll leave your life-lesson up to you. At the very least, I hope this little post has brought a smile to your face and maybe a gentle reminder - we've got to learn to laugh at ourselves.