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Identity Crisis

There are moments in our lives when we are confused about who we really are – when we feel pulled in two directions at once. One way - the old familiar way - leads to seeming safety. The other way out into the great unknown. Want to know which way to go? Follow the Life Force. It is the barometer of your truth. You can feel it in your body like a burst of sparkles rising up and out, like a baby bird who has discovered flight.

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Posting Etiquette

 It is important to me that this site be one that feels safe and respectful for everyone. To make sure we are all on the same page, please note:

1.) Comments shared in this space, remain in this space. Readers do not have permission to copy or shave off little bits and claim as their own -- anything anyone else has shared on either the Blog Posts or Comments without written permission from the author.

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3.) The purpose of this site is to expand our awareness and open our hearts. It takes all of us to keep it within its intent. 


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