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Don't Fight the Darkness

          This morning I listened to a guided meditation on the topic of forgiveness and soul connection by Bree Melanson on Insight Timer. **

          You start with visualizing a person that you would like to forgive. Confession: Donald Trump instantly popped into my head! (Please visualize Nancy Pelosi, if you are from the other persuasion. And if you are neutral in this polarized moment in history, you don’t need to read any further. And… may I kiss your feet?) I could see his orange face. I could hear his sarcastic, self-righteous tone. I could see his now, so familiar mannerisms. And as I watched, I felt my body tighten and cringe in response – my, all too familiar, habituated mannerisms.

          As the meditation continues, you see yourself surrounded by Divine Presence. You can visualize being flanked by Angels or just joined by the Creative Force of the Universe. Then you ask yourself, “In what way has this person been sent to teach me something?” As I let this question sink in, still focused on Donald’s face, I could feel myself pulled off course, all jangled inside, angry, outraged at what I perceive he is doing to our country, his narcissism eclipsing its soul. I feel some part of me beginning to scream, scream at the top of her lungs, “THIS IS CRAZY!!! THIS IS SO WRONG!!! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Believe me when I say, this part of me is passionate about her take on things. And she believes that in the face of this unwanted, seemingly impenetrable force that sits in the most powerful seat on the planet, there are only two responses: to become completely hopeless and despondent or to fight it with all her might.

          I repeated the question to myself, as I experienced this inner reaction. “What has this person come to teach me?” My reaction to him exposed the lesson he was bringing. In the face of Trump, no matter which option of the two I choose, I give him my power. I - me - I give him my power. I react as if he has the power to steal mine from me, to steal my ability to choose my own authority. We could word it differently, I treat him as if his claiming all the power means he actually has it and my job is to wrest it from him. And in those moments of passionate reaction, I treat him as if he were the Ultimate Power. I am the one who hands it to him while screaming, “No!!!” I let him hook me. I allow myself to be pulled off my center, to disconnect from my own soul. He doesn’t have the power to do that unless I hand it to him. And that’s the lesson he brings. And, he’s doing a fantastic job at being my teacher, I might add.

          There is a wisdom shared by many of the wise ones, “Don’t fight the darkness, bring in the Light.” I have been under the assumption that Trump and what he represents in my personal movie can only be rendered impotent by willfully opposing him. When I bring in the Light of greater awareness by simply asking the question, “What has he come to teach me?” I release my grip. My heart stills. I align with my self-chosen Divine Authority. And I say, “Thank you, President Trump for playing your part so that I can awaken to the Greater Truth, to the unwavering Loving Presence of the Power of the Universe that cannot be taken from me.” Amen

** Insight Timer is an app you can get on your cell phone, suggested to me by my sister, Robyn Whyte. It has all forms of meditation on it. I use it daily.


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