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Comments, Please


I want to make a shift in my Blog posts from just me talking to more of a conversation. I have not highlighted the Comment option in the past, but I want to put that feature out there more boldly now. I would love to hear from YOU, get YOUR comments and YOUR questions.

I hear my own thoughts all the time. They rattle around in my head until I throw them on the page. In the past, I would type words into a blog post and then send them out into the ethers where they would just float away. I never really knew what happened to them. Did anybody pull them out of the air, put them in their pocket or just throw them in the trash? In response to the last couple of posts, I have gotten an actual comment in the Comment section and one from a reader who shared his thoughts with me through email. I have loved that exchange! And I want more of it! I want to know what rattles around in your head too. I want to feel more connected, to feel the synergy of an exchange. So, let's talk.


But first, we have to get practical. This particular website design requires that you sign in before you can make a comment. BUT PLEASE NOTE: YOU ONLY HAVE TO SIGN IN ONCE ON YOUR PHONE AND ONCE ON YOUR COMPUTER. After that, you can comment automatically. That is, if you feel comfortable saving your log-in information. If you would rather not have your log-in information saved, that's cool. You will just have to sign in every time you want to comment.

Here's how this works. Some of it is not intuitive and there are slight differences on your computer as compared to your phone, so please follow the steps below for each device. I promise, this just takes 2 minutes.

Commenting from your computer:

1.) Just click on the word "Comment" at the end of the post that you would like to share your thoughts on. (Or it may say 3 Comments, for example if there are already 3 Comments related to that post. Also, disregard the comment bubble icon like the ones in the image above. That icon is just a tease.) This will automatically take you to a new page featuring that particular post again, but also showing the other posts in abbreviated form underneath that one.

2.) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT : Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this extended blog post page and click on "Log In" to leave a comment.

4.) You will then be taken to a new page for you to "Sign In" through facebook, google or email. For the social media accounts, you will simply log in using your regular log in information, including your password for that site. (Don't worry, that information is not exposed.)

If you choose to log in through email, you will be prompted to enter your email address and asked to create a password for this site. Then click "Sign In."

5.) Then you will have the option to save your log-in information. Click "yes" or "no," at your discretion. If you click "yes," the next time you want to comment on a blog post, you will simply just click on "Comment" and that section will be automatically open for you without your having to sign in again.

6.) After you sign in, you are then free to leave your comment.

To comment from your phone:

Mobilized blog posts may start on the extended page described in step #2 above. If so, scroll all the way down that page, past all of the abbreviated blog posts and click on "Log In" at the bottom of the page. Then follow the rest of the steps, as shown above.

If you run into any snags or have questions, just shoot me an email at:


So, now that you know how to leave a comment, I can't wait to read what sparks your interest, makes you wonder, touches your heart - what you agree with or what you don't. I want this blog site to come alive, to grow organically like the exchange of pollen. Let's do this. Let's do this together.


Posting Etiquette

 It is important to me that this site be one that feels safe and respectful for everyone. To make sure we are all on the same page, please note:

1.) Comments shared in this space, remain in this space. Readers do not have permission to copy or shave off little bits and claim as their own -- anything anyone else has shared on either the Blog Posts or Comments - without written permission from the author.

2.) This site may not be used for partisan purposes. Disrespectful or contentious comments will be removed.

3.) The purpose of this site is to expand our awareness and open our hearts. It takes all of us to keep it within its intent. 


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