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unbridled ties -

making the horse connection

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy was a component of my practice from 2006-2017. Although I no longer offer E A P, this page will give you a taste of the healing power inherent in the horse-human connection: 


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning...


 offers experiential adventures in:


    *Personal insight         *Relational                                                     connection

    *Spiritual renewal       *Professional      



Unlike talk-therapy where clients are limited to telling about their lives in the world, experiential therapy exposes personal and relational patterns right there in the round pen.  Not only can patterns be observed and acknowledged, but new ways of being and relating can be practiced through human-horse interaction. Experiential learning fosters powerful shifts in self-awareness and behavior, activating all of what it means to be human:  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As such, its effects are both immediate and long-lasting.


Private, Group and Workshop sessions are designed and scheduled for individuals, couples, groups and corporations.  To set up a personalized session for yourself or group, email me at


Continuing Education Credits are available for LPC professional workshops.

Most Equine Assisted Learning/ Psychotherapy sessions will take place at the Hopeful Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center in Leander:

17000 Trails End Cove

Leander, TX 78641

To see all that is offered at the ranch under the direction of Founder and Executive Director, Lisa Rivers, click here:  


















why horses?

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All emotional wounding occurs through some sort of break - whether actual or imagined - in relationship. Working with horses - as relational, sentient beings - provides clients with an opportunity to heal what is broken.


In addition, horses are natural truth-tellers. Because they are prey animals in the wild, their survival depends on being highly attuned to the energy in their

surroundings. This natural instinct provides human handlers with powerful, direct, non-verbal and non-judgmental feedback.


As social animals, horses have an innate ability to look for signs of leadership or submission, making them keenly aware of boundary-settings as well as violations.


Horses do not understand inconsistencies between affect and behavior. They will distance themselves from any kind of incongruence.  If authentic feelings are eventually acknowledged, the horse will act as a mirror to reflect the shift.

One of Nature's most magnificent creatures, horses exhibit balance in life’s polarities: power and grace; strength and beauty; freedom and connection. 


Dynamic Horse-Human Interactions mirror the client’s personal and relational patterns in the outer world of everyday living.


Specific Topics include:


Communication                    Personality  Styles                        Team-building


Relationship Issues               Creative Thinking                         Body Image


Recovery Obstacles               Parenting Issues                           Self-care


Leadership Abilities              Boundary Setting                          Self Confidence               

Problem-solving                    Personal Power



Reflective Horse-Human Interactions mirror the client’s internal world.  Such as:


Unconscious blocks               Deep intuition                             Projections                      

Untapped Creativity               Heart's Desire                             Fears           


Incongruities                        Judgements                                Denial                  


Guilt/shame                          Hidden talents                            False Assumptions

Authentic Self                       Unhealed wounds                        Deeper connections

Soul's calling                        Transference                               New insight

Loving Wisdom                      Hidden potential                          Self-talk





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